funny nerd can't last long

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damn 1 year ago
i feel bad for bro
Rad 1 year ago
His face is like fuck yeah hahah
11 months ago
They didn’t have to laugh at him
Dickie 1 year ago
Poor dude
Mr. BIG NUTZ 5 months ago
Stupid bitch , getting him a blow job is not getting him laid!! The guy needs some Cunt…
??? 8 months ago
Is that the guy that made Icarly?
Unga 10 months ago
Poor Bob
4 months ago
I don’t know enough about this, for all I know, this is a humiliation kink thing, but if it isn’t and this was just unwarranted taunting and teasing, I feel so bad for Bob
8 months ago
Leave Bob be man
John 2 weeks ago
BOB is a lucky man